Our goal is to be in 100% compliance with law and policy 100% of the time.  As a new consumer of cannabis, that should be your goal too. 

We will help you do that.


Government of Canada

The Federal Act responsible for the legalization of recreational cannabis is known as Bill C-45 The Cannabis Act.  Learn about Bill C-45 and how it may affect you. 


Government of Alberta

The Government of Alberta Acts respecting cannabis are Bill 26 An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis, and Bill 29 An Act to Cannabis and Alcohol Impaired Driving.  Learn about these Acts and they may affect you. 


Alberta Gaming and Liquor  Commision

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) is responsible for supplying and regulating all Retail Cannabis Establishments in Alberta.  Learn about AGLC policies and how they may affect you. 


Town of Innisfail

The Town of Innisfail has amended Bylaw 1498 Town of Innisfail Community Standards Bylaw to include the consumption of Cannabis.  Learn about this bylaw ammendment and how it may affect you.